Prince William will spend his final year at Eton as a prefect after being elected to the colorfully-dressed upper echelon of the school,” reports Britain’s Daily Telegraph. “As a member of the Eton Society, better known as ‘Pop,’ the 17-year-old Prince will have various disciplinary duties and will now be allowed to exchange his regular school uniform for a colorful waistcoat of whatever design he chooses, a white bow tie and checked trousers.”

  • The paper also noted, “Election to ‘Pop’ is regarded as a notable achievement and sign of popularity, but new prefects must first undergo a boisterous initiation ritual . . . Departing ‘Poppers’ charge around the school in search of the newly-elected members, overturning their rooms, removing their trousers and covering them in whatever food comes to hand.” The Prince will not be exempt to such activities.