March 18, 2004 12:08 PM

Prince William can strike one name out of his little black book: Debutante Davina Duckworth-Chad, 25, a society girl who had been linked to Wills, is getting married — but not to the future king, reports PEOPLE.

Davina, who is a distant cousin of Prince William (related to him through his late mother, Princess Diana), is to wed Thomas Barber, the son of a baronet.

The royal links don’t end there. Her Coldstream Guards officer brother, James Duckworth-Chad, is a former equerry, or close aide, to the Queen.

The bride-to-be is close to both William, 21, and his brother Harry, 19, and was one of a number of young beauties who accompanied the older prince on a cruise of the Aegean sea in the summer of 1999.

Only last month, Davina was one of a light-hearted list of women suggested as possible royal brides by Britain’s Channel Four on its show “A Wife for William,” pulling in 27 percent of the votes in the “Girls William May Have Loved” category. (A final winner has yet to be picked.)

And even though he may not yet be marching down the aisle himself, William had better keep his wedding duds ready to wear.

One of his closest friends, Ed van Cutsem, 30, who works for the banking firm Merrill Lynch, has just announced his engagement to Lady Tamara Grosvenor, 24, daughter of Britain’s richest man, the Duke of Westminster.

Van Cutsem, a godson of Prince Charles, 55, reportedly will marry in November, though he and Lady Tamara have not set a date.

— As reported by SIMON PERRY

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