July 12, 2004 01:00 PM

Prince William, athletic as ever, made a surprise appearance at a one-mile sprint for charity on Saturday – and vowed to get some sponsorship cash from his grandma, Queen Elizabeth.

Along with thousands of participants across the U.K., William, 22, lined up in the dash for Sport Relief in London. Among the observers: Prince Harry,19, who, in his own words, was “wimping out” because of an injury. Yet Harry pronounced himself “proud” of his older brother’s respectable finishing time of 6 mins., 10 secs.

“I have been training – for about two minutes. I have run around the block and am feeling a little loose now,” William told the BBC before the race. “I’ve done a few miles in my time – not very well. I’ve done a bit of cross country, but it was pretty bad.”

Harry, meanwhile, was asked if he would win if he were to take to the course. “Ummm, probably not,” he said as he looked at his older brother. “I would be pretty close.”

William went further, quipping, “I tripped him up so he wouldn’t beat me.”

A spokeswoman for the younger prince tells PEOPLE, “He was running up and down some stairs and slipped and banged it. He was disappointed at not being able to take part, but he’s fine, he’s just been advised to rest.”

William, runner No. 356950, donned a white Sports Relief T-shirt and, like all other participants, wore odd socks – one red one from the charity and a white and blue one of his own.

A spokeswoman at the Prince of Wales’s office says the team has raised a “substantial sum” for the charity, with Prince Charles being among the donors.

The charity that benefited, Sport Relief, was set up by Comic Relief and BBC Sport to raise money for tackling poverty and helping disadvantaged people both in the U.K. and in needy countries around the globe.

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