A new book on the royal couple reveals an intimate look at their courtship

It’s the first impression that every woman doesn’t want to make on a man.

According to a new biography about the royal couple, the first time that Kate Middleton met Prince William, she curtsied slightly, causing the prince to spill a drink – all over himself.

This tidbit is just one of many juicy, (though unconfirmed) details in William and Kate, the new biography out Dec. 21 by New York Times bestselling author Christopher Anderson, who also penned Barack and Michelle and The Day Diana Died.

Also revealed in the book?

On a secret visit to the States to see American heiress Anna Sloan at her Nashville home in 2004, Wills indulged in waffles, went to the movies, and shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch.

And while he may be a model fiancé now, the prince was anything but proper in his break-up etiquette when he and Kate briefly split. Anderson writes that William called the relationship off via cell phone while Kate was at work.

“It just isn’t going to work,” he told her, according to William and Kate. “It isn’t fair to you.”

He seems to have made up for it.