Unlike Prince Charles's lifestyle, the royal couple won't employ a personal chef, butler or valet

Credit: Matt Dunham/AP

It’s a good thing Prince William enjoys his fiancée’s home cooking, because he and Kate Middleton won’t be changing their lifestyle anytime soon.

The royal couple does not plan to employ a personal chef, butler, valet, or any other type of servants (apart from their security detail) at the four-bedroom farmhouse they share in North Wales, where they’ll continue to live after they wed on April 29.

The decision stands in stark contrast to the lifestyle of William’s father, Prince Charles, who has gained notoriety for his large personal staff. But Will and Kate enjoy living a simple life – as simple as it gets with the world awaiting your wedding, anyway – secluded in their home close to William’s base at Royal Air Force Valley, where he will be stationed for at least two more years as a helicopter pilot.

At the betrothed couple’s home, a palace source confirms, they have “no domestic staff and there are no plans for that to change.”

A second palace source adds that Kate “was spotted shopping in [the grocery store] Waitrose the other day. That would tell you all you need to know about how they lead their life.”

So why does the younger prince choose to live so (relatively) normally? In addition to his profession and general distaste for extravagance, the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reports that The Queen may have something to do with it. William, who is very close to his grandmother, knows how fondly she recalls her own newlywed life with the Duke of Edinburgh in Malta, where the duke was based as a naval officer.

Still, the insiders maintain that it’s too early to say whether the couple (who are both 28 and spending New Year’s Eve together privately) will need some personal staff in London, or around them as they prepare for official outings or engagements.

We are still talking about the future King and Queen of England, after all.