They fished, they loved the fires and candlelight – and they became engaged
Credit: Fame

Recalling the moment he asked for her hand in marriage, a happy Prince William said he had whisked Kate Middleton “up somewhere nice in Kenya” in order to display his “romantic side.”

Now, the exact spot can be pinpointed: a cabin hut some 10,500 feet above sea level on the side of Mount Kenya, Africa. He and Catherine, as she signed herself in the visitor’s book, were there for one night on Oct. 20, reports the U.K. Sun

Describing their fishing trip on Lake Rutundu – but providing no hint that they became engaged – Kate wrote in the book that she had a “wonderful 24 hours! Sadly no fish to be found but we had great fun trying. I love the warm fires and candle lights – so romantic!”

She signed it, “Catherine Middleton.”

Practical Prince William brought along more than his engagement ring . “Such fun to be back,” his note said. “Bought more warm clothes this time. Looked after so well, thank you guys!”

They had gone out to Africa to stay at the 55,000-acre Lewa Downs wildlife reserve with another couple. The ranch is owned by William’s friend Ian Craig, whose daughter Jecca is also close to the prince.