The royal and the former soccer star joined NBA great Yao Ming in a PSA for endangered rhinos

By Simon Perry
Updated February 13, 2014 01:30 PM

Talk about animal magnetism: Prince William, David Beckham and NBA star Yao Ming have made a compelling video to address a serious topic: wildlife poaching.

The 45-second PSA shows the three at Wembley soccer stadium as they show how the remaining wild rhino population could fit into that space – with plenty of room to spare.

The film, titled Whole World, also features a crash of rhinos courtesy of GreenScreen Animals.

A second film, Tools of the Trade co-produced with the African Wildlife Foundation, features action star Jackie Chan, Spike (a white rhino) and a computer-generated rhino made of weapons. See it below.

Last year, Chinese media, including CCTV, Xinhua and, donated more than $100 million of media space to the campaign and, together with a government ban, is responsible for reducing China’s shark fin consumption by some 50-70 percent.

William – who this week joined with his father, Prince Charles, a conference to combat the illegal animal trade – and his fellow campaigners are also hoping to achieve a similar reduction in demand for rhino horn and ivory, thus lessening the price and the returns for gun-toting poachers.

“Sadly, all the wild rhinos in the world can [fit into Wembley Stadium] with room to spare,” said William in WildAid’s latest message. “Together we can save our wild rhinos. When the buying stops, the killing can too.”

Adds Beckham, “Ask your friends and family never to buy rhino horn.”