The couple reunite with an old professor – and a former cleaning lady – on their trip to St. Andrews
Credit: David Cheskin/AP

Inside the quad at the university where they first fell in love, Prince William and Kate Middleton met a familiar face – their cleaning lady.

On their official visit to St. Andrews, the couple chatted with Mary Mathers, 67, who cleaned for them when they were students living at St. Salvator’s residence hall, and later when they lived in a house on the outskirts of the town.

Kate greeted Mary with a “pleased to meet you again,” while William spoke about his visits to the famous chip shop (a fast food restaurant known for fish and chips) in Mary’s hometown of Anstruther, Scotland. “I put him on to it,” Mary proudly told reporters.

So, was William tidy as a college student?

“I’m going to have to say yes to that one,” she quipped.

The royal couple also spoke with William’s former art history lecturer, Professor Brendan Cassidy, who revealed that the prince was “very nervous” when he first arrived at the college.

“What was striking was within two or three weeks he was a changed person – much more relaxed,” he added.

As for his conversation with Kate about her college years, “She was telling me she has kept her essays,” said Cassidy. “I said, ‘I kept mine too, to show to my children.’ ”

Kate’s reply?

“I’ll probably do the same.”

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