Prince William and Kate Middleton's North Wales Home: Video Tour

Where do the royal couple grab a pint – or their groceries?

Photo: Ben Lack/Barcroft/Fame (2)

If they’re losing any sleep over planning their big day, Prince William and Kate Middleton should just count sheep – and there’s plenty to keep track of.

The royal couple have made their home in a remote corner of Northwest Wales known for a sheep population that outnumbers its human counterparts three-times over.

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Not that the town is snooze-worthy, according to PEOPLE’s chief foreign correspondent Simon Perry. Middleton and her prince have been spotted at local watering hole The White Eagle, often grabbing pub grub or a hearty meal during a night on the town.

The sightings continue: The couple make their weekly grocery trips at the local Tesco supermarket, where, not surprisingly, they can’t get through the checkout lane without causing a stir among local shoppers.

So how is the town celebrating the April 29 wedding day? A “big street party,” one local tells PEOPLE. “We’re going to be putting names of a male and a female into a hat,” she says. “And we’re going to be drawing a name so that we’ll be able to have our own personal Prince William and Kate.”

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