The royal couple will star in their very own comic book, out this April

By Rennie Dyball
January 19, 2011 08:30 AM
Bluewater Productions

What do Prince William and Kate Middleton have in common with Justin Bieber?

Like the teen sensation, the royal couple will be immortalized as comic book characters. Fame: The Royals will be released this April by Bluewater Productions, whose Fame series has also featured the stars of Twilight, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

What makes the couple worthy of their own comic book? “It’s funny – they don’t make movies, they don’t score touchdowns and they don’t write best sellers, but they seem to effortlessly capture the American zeitgeist,” Bluewater Productions publisher Darren G. Davis tells PEOPLE.

“We don’t have royalty on this side of the Atlantic,” adds Davis, who provided these sneak peeks at the graphic novel. “And just like Diana and Charles did a generation ago, William and Kate plug into the whole fantasy fairy tale motif that we wish our everyday lives could be.”

Fame: The Royals

was penned by CW Cooke (who also penned the Taylor Swift and Beyoncé editions) and penciled and inked by Pablo Martinena ( Political Power: Bill Clinton and Fame: David Beckham).

“I think the comic format is ideal to recreate [the couple’s story] and make it known to all ages,” says Martinena. “It is about two people who met and get to fulfill their dreams. William now has a partner he adores. Kate fulfills the dream that a lot of girls have, to marry her prince charming and best friend.”

The comic book will explore William and Kate’s lives in the spotlight, as well as their wedding planning, from what Kate might wear to where the pair might honeymoon.

Fame: The Royals will be available at comic book retail outlets for $3.99 and a special collector’s edition – including pin-up posters – will be available as well.

Long live the royal wedding memorabilia!