Hint: It's not as sexy as we'd hoped
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty

He is known for his provocative songs, revealing stage attire and musical genius – once changing his name to an unspeakable symbol.

So what did the famously private Prince, 55, show off in one of his first Tweets? (Hint: No doves crying, no raspberry beret or a red corvette.)

A picture of his dinner salad captioned with the question: “Did Eye Add 2 Much Pepper?”

It was an odd beginning for the Paisley Park legend, who is finally posting under an account for his latest band, 3rdEyeGirl.

He seemed to enjoy the social media blurbs, too, later posting a “selfie” that trended more in the Prince theme, a moody, faint image of purple and white that like many of his songs, left it open for wide interpretation.

At least he’s sticking to his signature color.