January 23, 2013 04:00 PM

As he flew home from a 20-week deployment in Afghanistan Jan. 21, army captain Prince Harry delivered some personal dispatches from the war zone. The Apache helicopter pilot, 28, talked about being just “one of the guys” in his unit, which means he found himself doing everything from eating in the canteen to firing at Taliban insurgents.

He looked forward to getting care packages (his dad sent him cigars and honey). Harry also admitted to being envious of his brother’s U.K.-based brand of military service. He “gets to go home to his wife and his dog,” said Harry. “We’re stuck playing PlayStation in a tent full of men.”

And the royal was still feeling regretful about his naked romp in Las Vegas last year: “It was a classic example of me probably being too much army and not enough prince,” he said.

“It’s a simple case of that.”

Next up for Harry? “I can t wait to be an uncle,” he said, adding that he’s thrilled for his brother and Kate and plans to play a full part when their baby is born in July.

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