Britain buzzes that the royal redhead has reunited with his ex-girlfriend

By Simon Perry
September 14, 2009 09:45 AM
Credit: Nigel Bennett /Express UK/ZUMA; INF

When he blows out the candles on his 25th birthday cake on Tuesday, will Prince Harry‘s wish be to get back together with former girlfriend Chelsy Davy?

You might think so, the way the redheaded royal has been carrying on with Davy, 23, before the anniversary of his birth. The pair were spotted leaving the same nightclub in the wee hours of Sunday, just 10 minutes apart – the first time they have been photographed at the same place since their split in January.

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Harry’s spokesman at the palace will not comment on his personal life or reports that the couple have been seeking to get back together through a series of secret meetings.

Harry and Davy partied with Harry’s friends at the Raffles club in Chelsea. Davy left with her brother Shaun, who is close to the prince, and shortly afterward Harry walked out of the club at 3:40 a.m. to be driven to his rooms at Clarence House, British newspapers report.

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The former couple have kept in touch since splitting up, sources confirm. Just two months later, they briefly dated again, but the second go-round didn’t blossom into another full-fledged romance. Since then, both have been linked with other people, but nothing serious has come about.

Comes into Money

When Harry turns 25, he will begin to be able to spend some of the $10.5 million left to him by his late mother, Princess Diana. He will also have access to the interest that the fund has earned since then – and estimated $500,000 a year.

Otherwise, though, it’ll be a rather subdued birthday, as Harry is set to spend the day continuing his helicopter training at a Royal Air Force base 170 miles northwest of London.

He is set to leave the base – where he shares a house with his brother, Prince William – in early October, and will relocate to Middle Wallop, Hampshire, only an hour from London, where budding lawyer Davy is based.