The prince talks about his lighter side after a four-country tour

By Simon Perry
Updated March 11, 2012 06:15 PM
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty

He may be a prince, but Harry prides himself as a royal jester.

During his four-country tour, which just wrapped up in Brazil this weekend, Harry says he was overwhelmed with emotion at seeing the love for his grandmother.

But what people may not realize, he says, is what a good sense of humor the Queen has, something she picked up from husband Prince Philip.

“They are very funny together. My family is the same as any other family when it comes to humor behind closed doors,” he says, then adds, “though I’d like think I was funnier than my grandmother.”

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One landmark light-hearted moment on his trip came when he outwitted lightening-fast Usain Bolt, distracting the Olympic phenom and dashing off before the starting gun sounded.

“About five days to a week before, I was thinking to myself, whatever it is, I’m going to catch him and catch him when he’s off guard,” Harry, 27, told reporters Sunday. “He thought about taking me on, but he’s a bit slow!”

Later, while in Brazil, Harry poked fun at his older brother, donning a Prince William mask while taking part in a fun run.

In the wide-ranging chat soon after he finished playing polo near Campinas, Brazil, he referred to the Duchess of Cambridge as his “sister” and explained his blue desert boots that made an appearance in Jamaica.

“I thought you were going to ask if she [Kate] was giving me tips! She’s not giving me tips yet,” he says.

He explains: “The blue boots – Jamaica is Jamaica, it was the time to bring them out, I was fighting the urge to bring them out earlier, but knowing I was going to meet [Bob Marley’s widow] Rita Marley, it was the time to bring them out.”

Talking of the upcoming Olympics, he said, “The three of us, my brother and my sister, will be as involved as we can be. I still love my sport, maybe not quite so much in this heat.”

Harry was representing the Queen on the tour of Belize, the Bahamas and Jamaica as part of her Diamond Jubilee commemorations.

“I personally had no idea how much warmth there was towards the Queen. To me that’s been very humbling, and I was actually quite choked up seeing the way that they’re celebrating her 60 years.”