Prince Harry Cleared in Bird Shooting Incident

British prosecutors admit they can't find the hens or ballistic evidence

In a case that could have flown straight from a CSI episode, British prosecutors have said they will not charge Prince Harry in the shooting deaths of two rare birds – because they can’t find the bodies.

“The bodies of the hen harriers have not been found and there is no forensic or ballistic evidence,” the Norfolk Crown Prosecution Service admitted in a statement to PEOPLE.

Last month the prince ruffled many feathers in the British media who reveled in him being questioned over the incident at Sandringham, a royal country estate. Two witnesses said they heard gunshots before seeing two hen harriers – protected birds of prey – plummet out of the sky.

Prince Harry, 23, and a friend were nearby at the time of the shooting but a royal spokesperson told PEOPLE the prince was not involved in the incident.

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