Prince Edward of England has proposed marriage to Sophie Rhys-Jones and she has accepted, Buckingham Palace announced Wednesday. No wedding date has been set, but the couple hope to use St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, the queen’s weekend home west of London, for a ceremony in late spring or summer. Rhys-Jones, a source has told PEOPLE Magazine “Insider” columnist Nancy Perry Graham, initially had some concerns about marrying into the Royal Family, but these apparently have been allayed. Edward, 34, is the youngest of Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Philip’s four children, and the only one never to have married. (The other three are divorced.) Edward and Rhys-Jones have been dating for five years. The British press has reported that the Queen approves of the 33-year-old public relations rep (who, ironically, looks a bit like Diana and is even a distant relative of the late princess). In 1996 Her Majesty invited Rhys-Jones to her 70th birthday celebration. She did not invite Diana or Fergie.