Britain’s favorite newlywed, Prince Edward, is being accused of cashing in on his royal name. In November he is planning to charge tourists to hear him lecture on the restoration of Windsor Castle following its almost-total destruction in a 1992 fire. Up to 500 people a night (for four nights) are expected to fill Windsor’s Theater Royal to hear Edward, whose talks will include slides and video footage. Price of the lecture package is $465 and includes travel to Windsor to and from London, hotel accommodation and a visit to the castle where Edward was married last month to public relations executive Sophie Rhys-Jones.

  • “Prince Edward should not be cashing in like this,” parliamentary historian David Starkey told Reuters. “This is as much an insider job as a politician milking his position for private profit.” The Sun, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper, agreed with Starkey — and calculated Edward’s take from the lectures at $190,000. The tabloid also called him “Clown Prince.” No formal response has been heard from Edward.