13 of Prince's Most Enduring Myths, Mysteries and Legends

He once requested a camel at 3 a.m.

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brightcove.createExperiences(); Prince was one of music’s most colorful personalities, figuratively and literally. He was notoriously open about some things – sex, for example – but also intensely private in some ways. You might say he contained multitudes.

Over the course of his career, Prince was naturally dogged by some truly outrageous rumors and myths. And because he was, you know, Prince, a lot of the best ones were true. Here are some of those.

1. Prince has enough recorded material to keep putting out albums for decades.
Like Tupac, Prince will likely be turning out material (depending on what the dictates of his will were, of course) for quite some time after his death: The singer reportedly had a literal, actual vault in the basement of Paisley Park filled with unreleased recordings in various stages of completion. Sonny Thompson, Prince’s childhood friend and sometimes bass player, told The Guardian that, “I don’t think you’ll ever get to hear everything in the vault because you’d have to sit down for 10 years. There is just too much to go through.”

2. He was a talented roller-skater with an amazing pair of skates.
Per Questlove’s book Mo’ Meta Blues: “Prince had the briefcase out on the floor. He clicked the lock and opened it, and took out the strangest, most singular pair of roller skates I had ever seen. They were clear skates that lit up, and the wheels sent a multicolored spark trail into your path … He took them out and did a big lap around the rink. Man. He could skate like he could sing.”

3. He did not believe in time
“I don’t believe in time,” Prince told Notorious magazine in 1999. “I don’t count. When you count, it ages you.” Well, okay.

4. His doves were named ‘Divinity’ and ‘Majesty.’
And they are credited with “ambient singing” on his album One Nite Alone .

5. He had very specific requirements for reporters.
Despite allowing reporters into Paisley Park on multiple occasions, Prince refused to allow them to record interviews or take notes.

6. He once watched the NBA Finals during a concert.
Prince was an avid NBA fan, and during one of the Chicago Bulls’ many playoff runs during the ’90s, he had a TV at the side of the stage set up so he could wander over and check the game while he played his guitar solos. He also pressed a wardrobe girl into drawing the current score onto cue cards and flashing them at him so he could keep tabs on the game.

7. One of his favorite meals was spaghetti and orange juice.
According to Spin‘s oral history of Purple Rain, Prince ordered this odd combination during a meeting with the film’s director at a Minneapolis Denny’s.

8. He had some unusual requirements for his wife.
His ex-wife Mayte Garcia explained that their home came with a hair salon – that she was not allowed to use. “I always went out if I needed my hair done. The salon wasn’t for me,” she told the Daily Mail. In that same interview, she mentioned that she was not allowed to call him on the phone. “I had to wait for him to call me.”

9. He once took out a personal ad to meet women.
“Eligible bachelor seeks the most beautiful girl in the world to spend the holidays with,” read an ad placed in several papers in the U.S. (and overseas!) in 1993. It directed women to send videos or photos to Paisley Park.

10. He once replaced Questlove on a DJ gig with a Finding Nemo DVD.
Per Questlove’s Twitter: “[Prince] once fired me from a DJ gig in a nightclub and instead blasted the Finding Nemo DVD on the screen.” Hey, it’s a really good movie.

11. He had some strange whims.
Kevin Smith once shot some documentary footage of Prince for a film that was never completed. But his time at Paisley Park afforded him a look into Prince’s inner world, including some of his more eccentric demands. He recalled an employee telling him:

“Prince will come to us periodically and say things like, ‘It’s three in the morning in Minnesota – I really need a camel. Go get it.’ And then we try to explain to Prince … that is not physically or psychologically possible. He’s not malicious He just doesn’t understand why he can’t get exactly what he wants.”

12. He once renovated a house he was renting from an NBA star.
Prince was renting NBA player Carlos Boozer’s Beverly Hills home when he decided to make some modifications, like putting his signature sign on the front gate, changing the master bedroom to a hair salon, knocking out walls and changing ceiling molding. Boozer wasn’t happy, until Prince supposedly handed him a check for “about a million,” saying “Get it back the way you want it.”

13. He once freaked out Michael Jackson by giving him a ‘voodoo amulet.’
Given that Prince was raised a Seventh-day Adventist before converting to a Jehovah’s Witness, we’re not quite sure what the New York Post means when they say that Prince gave Jackson a “voodoo amulet,” but whatever it was, it freaked him out enough that he told his lawyer, “I never want to talk to that guy again.”

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