June 03, 2016 04:15 PM

After being thrust into the limelight when it was revealed last month he was the one who found Prince dead, Andrew Kornfeld is finally opening up about that shocking day.

In a CNN op-ed, the UC Santa Cruz graduate confirms he was the “pre-med student who flew out to Minneapolis to help Prince find the road to recovery but who ended up calling 911 instead.”

On Thursday, the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office revealed Prince’s death was an accident caused by “fentanyl toxicity,” and that the late legend had self-administered the opioid.

Andrew Kornfeld
Source: LinkedIn

“Believe me, nothing can prepare a person to walk into such chaos and sadness,” writes Kornfeld. “As I told the 911 dispatcher on April 21, those on the scene were distraught, which was why I was the one to place the call.”

Detailing how his father Dr. Howard Kornfeld (who reportedly sent his son to treat Prince) taught him about biology and health, Kornfeld writes that “he taught me that health is the foundation to all else, in regard to human life.”

Dr. Howard Kornfeld
Source: LinkedIn

In the piece – which dives into why medical interventions are needed for opioid dependence and addiction – Kornfeld also notes that he “saw just how good a friend” the singer was “to those closest to him.”

“Unfortunately, the timely care Prince may have needed, based on the medical examiner’s report, has been difficult to obtain in Minnesota, and in many states in our nation,” Kornfeld, who says he is making plans to apply to medical school, writes.

“What if my father and [I] had been able to reach Prince just a week earlier, like so many others we have helped take back their lives? Prince could have been here, standing on the beach beside me.”

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