The group behind the flag, Planting Peace, has staged other high-profile campaigns for LGBTQ rights

By Alex Heigl
September 28, 2016 03:30 PM

Space is sporting the rainbow flag with pride!

Activist group Planting Peace – who regularly stage high-profile campaigns to raise awareness about a variety of issues – used a weather balloon, a pride flag and a GoPro to make the universe an LGBTQ-friendly place.

The flag, which reached its peak altitude 21.1 miles above Earth, remained in orbit for slightly over three hours before coming back down.

“It was an honor to send the first Pride flag into space, and it provided a wonderful opportunity to show that Planting Peace will not stop fighting for LGBTQ rights until all sexual and gender minorities experience full, fundamental rights in every corner of the universe,” Aaron Jackson, President of Planting Peace, told The Huffington Post. “The backdrop of space gave us a stunning, inspiring and peaceful canvas for our message of hope to our LGBTQ family. I would love for LGBTQ children who are struggling to see this, and look up to the stars and remember that the universe shines brightly for them, and they are not alone.”

Some of Planting Peace’s more storied campaigns include the construction of The Equality House, a rainbow-covered building directly across the street from the hate group the Westboro Baptist Church’s Topeka, Kansas, compound and a billboard near the 2016 Republican Convention that showed Ted Cruz and Donald Trump kissing. Earlier this year, they declared Antarctica the world’s first LGBTQ-friendly continent by traveling across the continent with a pride flag.