Four special attendees at London's Pride Parade on Saturday had extra reasons to celebrate

By Adam Carlson
June 25, 2016 03:50 PM
Source: Met LGBT Network/Twitter

London’s Pride Parade on Saturday came briefly to a complete stop for a very special – and very sweet – reason.

One of the participating policeman held up the 43rd annual march through central London, to propose to his boyfriend.

And he said yes!

It was a touching moment for the crowd. “A gay police officer proposed to his bf right in the middle of the parade and I’m actually crying,” one witness said on Twitter

The moment was captured by multiple attendees, including the recently created Met LGBT Network, which connects the LGBT members of London’s police force. More than 100 officers were in attendance this year, according to the BBC.

But that proposal wasn’t the only one at Pride this year – or even the only proposal involving two officers!

Minutes after sharing a photo from the first proposal, Met LGBT Network shared another photo – this time of a different proposal between two officers!

“He said yes too,” the organization tweeted.

“A police officer proposed in front of everyone to his police officer partner,” one person wrote on Twitter. “I love this day so much. #PrideinLondon.”

More than 40,000 people participated in the parade, the BBC says, which also included appearances by Absolutely Fabulous stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, and a performance by singer Alesha Dixon.

The parade focused on solidarity in the wake of the recent mass shooting at an Orlando LGBT nightclub.

As one gay rights advocate told the BBC, “In the wake of the horrific mass murder of LGBT people by an Islamist gunman in Orlando, we are highlighting the need for dialogue, unity and solidarity between the Muslim and LGBT communities – to oppose all hate.”