Chris Pine trades places with Richard Gere in PEOPLE's casting of the upcoming Pretty Woman Broadway musical

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 25, 2015 07:50 PM
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This has been a big week for Pretty Woman fans – so, basically everyone. The street-walking romantic comedy turned 25 on Monday, and the cast celebrated the milestone by reuniting on Today and sharing secrets from the set.

Those who were left wanting more Vivian Ward after this Pretty Woman resurgence are in luck. On Tuesday, director Garry Marshall confirmed to PEOPLE that the movie is being transformed into a Broadway musical.

While this new Pretty Woman project is just getting started, it’s hard not to ponder which actress will be tapped to fill Julia Roberts‘s thigh-high boots or who will take over for Richard Gere. I have some ideas and no one can stop me from fantasy casting.

Looking at all the musically gifted celebrities Hollywood has to offer, here are my choices for who should embark upon the Great White Way and turn this prostitute-to-princess story into a Broadway success.

Emmy Rossum as Vivian Ward

Rossum is a Pretty Woman triple threat. Take her uninhibited spunk from Shameless, her soaring voice from Phantom of the Opera, and her bushel of gorgeous curls, and you have an actress who is ready to bring Roberts’s character to the stage.

Chris Pine as Edward Lewis

In Chicago, Richard Gere proved he had the “Razzle Dazzle” needed for Broadway, but I am giving this role to a fresh face. It seemed like Chris Pine‘s chiseled jaw line couldn’t get any better, but then beautiful music erupted from it in Into the Woods. Now, I am dedicated to doing anything that will get me more singing Pine.

Illana Glazer as Kit Deluca

Fresh from the second wickedly honest and hilariously inappropriate season of Broad City, Glazer barely needs to adjust her character to take on Laura San Giacomo’s hooker with a heart of gold. Glazer already has the same in-your-face humor, best-friend skills and love for wigs as Ms. Deluca; all she has to do is work on her high ponytail.

Seth MacFarlane as Philip Stuckey

Peter Griffin, Ted the Bear, Brian the dog – most of MacFarlane’s characters have some shade of Stuckey’s sliminess in them. The cartoon creator could easily channel this skeezy energy on stage and bring his surprising Sinatra-like singing voice with him.

Kevin Spacey as Barney Thompson

Spacey is currently ruling over the West Wing on House of Cards, so why wouldn’t you take advice from him? If this man can believably control Congress on TV, than singing a song about shrimp forks while tap dancing should be a breeze.

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