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February 20, 2016 05:25 PM

The presidential primaries and caucuses are in full swing and, on Saturday, two contests took place – the Democrats held a caucus in Nevada while the GOP had a primary in South Carolina.

For the Democrats, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders have had an even split leading up to Saturday’s caucus. Clinton, 68, narrowly won the first caucus in Iowa while Sanders was the clear winner during the New Hampshire primary. Leading up to Nevada, Sanders had a total of 36 delegates while Clinton followed closely behind with 32.

However, on Saturday evening, the Associated Press named Clinton the winner of the caucus, pulling in 52% of the caucuses with 67% of locations reporting results. Sanders, meanwhile, had 48% of the vote when the results were called.

Saturday’s caucus drew an unexpected number of people out in Nevada, according to CNN. The news organization reported that at one caucus site in Reno they had to have English-speaking Democrats check in for the caucus by filling out Spanish-language forms because they had run out of English-language ones.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have been battling it out over their previous two contests. Donald Trump won New Hampshire but Sen. Ted Cruz took home Iowa. The candidates’ delegates still leave room for another candidate to take the lead: Trump leads the pack with 17, Cruz has claimed 11, Sen. Marco Rubio follows closely behind with 10, Gov. John Kasich has 5 and Gov. Jeb Bush has 4.

However, on Saturday, Trump triumphed over his competitors, snagging all 38 delegate votes for himself. Bush announced that he was suspending his campaign after the loss.

Next up, the parties will trade places with the GOP holding their Nevada caucus on Tuesday, Feb. 23, and the Democrats holding their primary for South Carolina next Saturday on Feb. 27.

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