Did Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton Win Last Night's Presidential Debate? It Depends Which Poll You Trust

Donald Trump shared the results of several online polls where he won on Twitter, while other polls declared Hillary Clinton the winner

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A slew of unscientific online snap polls are painting Donald Trump as the winner of the first presidential debate Monday night, while others contend Hillary Clinton emerged victorious.

A Time.com poll has the Republican nominee leading Clinton by four percentage points – 52 percent to 48 percent – after more than 1,300,000 votes were cast.

Time cautions that its survey, like other such polls, is “not statistically representative of likely voters, and are not predictive of the debate outcome will effect the election.”

Instead, these surveys measure which nominee has “the most energized online supporters.”

Meanwhile, other initial reactions indicate many felt Clinton had the upper hand as the pair exchanged barbs on Long Island.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz conducted a focus group of undecided voters in Pennsylvania. Sixteen said Hillary Clinton won; five picked Trump, per CBS News.

In a Florida focus group organized by CNN, 18 of 20 undecided voters picked Clinton as the winner.

A CNN/ORC flash poll also found that 62 percent said the Democrat won, compared to 27 percent who picked Trump. That’s on par with 2012, when Mitt Romney was seen as the winner of the first debate.


Trump took to Twitter to show more dominant leads from polls by conservative news site Breitbart, CNBC and others.

His biggest lead comes from the results of a Drudge Report survey, where the business mogul garnered 80 percent of the votes. Drudge Report is a popular conservative-leaning news aggregator.

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Even so, other polls indicated Clinton had the upper hand. In a separate instant-poll from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, 51 percent said Clinton won and 40 percent picked Trump.

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Eight in 10 insiders in the key battleground states thought Clinton performed better, including 57 percent of Republicans, according to the Politico Caucus survey.

The debate from Hofstra University in New York was potentially viewed by as many as 100 million, rivaling the Super Bowl. Among those viewers was President Obama, who, according to a spokesman, would have the debate on “in the background” as he worked late Monday night.

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