No presidential candidate can resist the Iowa State Fair's signature pork chop on a stick

Credit: Win McNamee/Getty

What would Michelle Obama think?

With unhealthy (yet mouth-watering) eats like corn dogs, deep-fried Snickers bars and the infamous pork chops on a stick on the menu at the Iowa State Fair, presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle are forsaking their diets and indulging (though perhaps not as much as they did in the good old days when then-President Bill Clinton went jogging for his McDonald’s fix).

Let’s take a look at what the 2016 candidates have been snacking on during the longstanding campaign tradition that is the Iowa State Fair.

Here we have Jeb Bush essentially slapping his Paleo diet in the face by partaking in a deep-fried Snickers bar at the fair on Friday. Bush, 62, did however manage to restrain himself from polishing off an entire bar, asking the vendor to throw half away before the former Florida governor could even get his hands on the sweet treat. (What a waste!) After declaring the dessert “a Snickers bar done right,” he explained, “I think I can have about two bites, before I get dizzy.”

But the GOP candidate didn’t stop there, also sneaking in some mouthfuls of the 381-calorie pork chop on a stick alongside Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

On Saturday, Bush’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton also sampled the state-fair staple, calling it “so good,” but stopping after just three bites. “She’s very disciplined,” a campaign aide tells PEOPLE. Clinton, 67, who has been known to snack on raw hot peppers when she travels, was also spotted sipping on a 16-ounce lemonade.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump, 69, showed off his eating chops at the fair as well, chowing down on a pork chop on a stick – after he touched down in a $7 million helicopter, of course.

No one can resist this meat on a stick. It was clearly love at first bite for Democratic candidate and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, 52.

Seasoned fair-goer Mike Huckabee – the self-proclaimed “grillmaster” of his family (“They call me Al Fresco”) – even took a turn flipping chops at the fair. Just in case diners missed the memo on the skewered pork chops, the former Arkansas governor, 59, was there to set them straight. “Let me begin with a recommendation: pork chop on stick,” he said when he took the Des Moines Register Soapbox at the event. “Trust me. It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.”

Apparently it was Ben Carson, 63, who didn’t get the memo because it looks like all he had was a slice of pizza.