President Oprah? Go For It

It’s getting so that you can’t even consider running for President unless you have a SAG card. So now, joining Warren Beatty and Cybill Shepherd among the ranks of possible Presidential candidates is . . . Oprah. The Associated Press reports that some Minnesota members of the Reform Party (the former launching pad of Ross Perot now being fronted by the controversial Jesse Ventura) are talking up a Winfrey for President campaign and have created a website to draft Oprah in 2000. “It is Jesse Ventura times 100,” said Paul Larsen, chairman of the draft committee and a party leader from suburban Minneapolis. “She’s got a thousand times as much money, 100 times the name recognition. She has a sterling reputation for honesty.” Alas, the queen of talk is not interested, a spokeswoman says.

  • Today’s other phantom candidate is Wayne Newton. The Washington Post seized the opportunity yesterday to ask Mr. Las Vegas (who was in the nation’s capital to pick up an American Legends award from the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations) if he had any West Wing yearnings. “I’m afraid I’m too thin-skinned to be President,” Newton, 57, responded — after he first laughed uproariously. “Even if I were to run for politics, I don’t know anything people could dig up (about me) that hasn’t been said.”
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