Obama covered politics and plays in a comedic manner on Monday Night

By Naja Rayne
Updated November 03, 2015 01:30 AM
Credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Obama was a speaker at the Democratic Party fundraiser in New York on Monday and while it’s expected he found some common ground with those in attendance, he also found he had something in common with less obvious players.

Taking the stage shortly after a showing of Hamiltion at the Richard Rogers theater – where the fundraiser was held – Obama quipped that the show was one of very few points he and former vice president, Dick Cheney, could agree on.

“I am annoyed that I did not see this show again,” the president said. “Michelle and I love this show. It also happens to be the only think Dick Cheney and I agree on that is a cultural landmark.”

Obama’s jokes didn’t end with Cheney, the Commander-In-Chief joked with the audience about their attendance at the fundraiser, and befittingly gave his condolences to the Mets, saying they had a great season and to take up any issues with his press secretary who “is a big Royals fan.”

“You write a check to watch some boring politician talk? That’s commitment. But coming to this show? You don’t get props for this,” he joked with the audience.

In attendance were the likes of Sen. Tim Kaine, actor Vincent D’onofrio and Scandal star Kerry Washington.