'Four More Years!' Bromance Still Hot Between President Obama and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joked around about their friendly relationship at the North American Leaders' Summit in Ottawa, Canada, on Wednesday

Photo: Source: The White House/Instagram

President Obama‘s time in the Oval Office may be coming to an end soon, but the #TruBama bromance lives on.

The president and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joked around about their friendly relationship at the North American Leaders’ Summit in Ottawa, Canada, on Wednesday, posing for the above selfie that was later posted to the White House Instagram account.

“True bromance,” the White House wrote of the smiling photo.

Obama was greeted warmly at the summit, which was also attended by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

During a visit to Canada’s Parliament, the governing body greeted Obama with a standing ovation in the House of Commons.

After that rousing reaction, the president joked that he was tempted to “shut up and leave because it can’t get any better than this.”

He later got laughs when he revealed that his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, refers to his graying hair as “the Great White North.”

But he drew only groans from his audience when he poked fun at Canada’s national pastime of hockey by joking that “Canadians can salute American teams for winning more Stanley Cups in the NHL.”

“I told you, I should have stopped after the applause,” the president quipped.

After Obama finished his address, Parliament broke into chants of “four more years.”

Obama and Trudeau, who was elected last year, first met at the APEC Summit in the Philippines in November. They then rekindled their positive relationship at the White House State Dinner earlier this year. During the dinner, Obama and Trudeau traded jokes about beer, hockey and even Justin Bieber.

“May the special connection between our two countries continue to flourish in the years to come,” Trudeau told Obama at the time, joking, “And may my grey hair come in at a much slower rate than yours has.”

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Obama, Trudeau and Peña Nieto said on Wednesday that they hoped for a stronger unity between Mexico, Canada and the United States, according to The Washington Post. While the leaders neglected to directly name-drop Donald Trump during a press conference, all three warned against electing the presumptive GOP nominee.

Peña Nieto said that politicians who use “populism and demagoguery” choose the “the easiest way to solve the challenges of today’s world.”

“And things are not that simplistic,” he said, later comparing Trump to Benito Mussolini.

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