December 19, 2015 01:00 AM

President Obama and the rest of the first family made a pit stop in San Bernardino on Friday evening before making their way to Hawaii for their annual Christmas vacation.

After landing, the president and first lady Michelle Obama made their way along the crowd lined route to Indian Springs High School to meet with the families of the victims who died in the San Bernardino shooting, as well as first responders, the Los Angeles Times reports.

While Obama has made many trips to various Southern California cities, this was his first time in San Bernardino County.

One onlooker, Deneen Ramirez, told the Times that while she didn t agree with Obama’s views on gun control, she still appreciated the gesture of him coming to visit the families.

“I’m glad he came to give these people condolences,” Ramirez, 51, said. “He didn’t have to come here, but he did.”

Rep. Pete Aguilar told reporters at the airport that the president and first lady being there was a comfort to the families and that was what “the focus should be.”

“That’s the most important thing,” he said. “Having the presence of the First Lady with him sends a tremendous signal to those families.”

When their trip ended late on Friday, the family boarded Air Force one and headed for Hawaii where they will celebrate Christmas – a tradition they’ve kept up for Obama’s entire time in office.

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