June 19, 2015 11:00 AM

Seattle, Washington’s Intergenerational Learning Center has an intimidating name – it sort of sounds like a semi-Orwellian re-education center, doesn’t it? But despite its fifty-cent name, the ILC is home to a wonderful, simple experiment that’s garnering national attention.

The ILC is a preschool actually in the Providence Mount St. Vincent, a care center for the elderly, and the two groups occupying the space – at opposite ends of life – share almost everything: Meals, classes and living space.

Evan Briggs, an adjunct professor at Seattle University, documented the ILC in a film called Present Perfect. “What value does a person have to others throughout their life?” she asks on the film’s Kickstarter page. “Are we asking for the right contributions from each other? How do we measure and define a successful life?” As she writes, “While this film doesn’t shy away from confronting some difficult realities, it is ultimately a life-affirming story of hope that, we believe, just might lead to serious positive change.”

The film – made a “staff pick” by Kickstarter – reached its $50,000 goal for a rough cut, though Briggs expanded the goal to $100,000, a figure she says would let the team assemble a finished cut of the film, rather than the rough cut the initial $50,000 would have provided. The film’s Kickstarter is running until July 2 – donate here and check out the film’s official site here.

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