The Monster Ball will be bigger and crazier than anything before, she says

By Michael Y. Park
Updated October 22, 2009 09:40 AM
Credit: Ella Pellegrini/Newspix/Rex

Now that she’s going on tour without a certain scandal-ridden musician known as Kanye West, Lady Gaga promises a bigger, badder, crazier show than her fans have ever seen before.

“I wanted to really put together a show that would be the most beautiful, expensive-looking, delicious show, but that my fans wouldn’t have to pay a ton of money to come see,” she tells Rolling Stone.

Lady Gaga, 23, had been scheduled to partner with West for their Fame Kills tour, but those plans quickly fell through after the outrage over West’s upstaging of Taylor Swift at the VMAs. Still, she holds out the possibility that a West-Gaga performance pairing might take place in the future.

“It just wasn’t the right timing,” Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, says. “I don’t want to embellish on it too much, because I want to respect Kanye’s privacy. But we just had our own reasons. We’re real friends, real friends can make decisions like that, and we wanted to keep the momentum going in terms of pop music staying innovative with hip-hop and R&B, and we really wanted to do it, and it just wasn’t the right time. But who’s to say what will happen in the future?”

And out of respect for West and the lost Fame Kills tour, she won’t be recycling ideas from it for her new, solo tour, she says.

“I’m certainly inspired by what we were doing, but I made a decision based on integrity not to use any of the things that we had designed together,” she says.

Rehearsals for Gaga’s solo tour, The Monster Ball, begins next week, and it will begin in earnest on Nov. 27. The new show’s expected to heavily feature songs from her upcoming album, “The Fame Monster,” which she calls intensely intimate.

“Each one of these songs on my album represents a different demon that I’ve faced in myself, so the music is much more personal,” she says. “I don’t write about fame or money at all on this new record.”

But this being Lady Gaga – known for her outrageous clothing, off-the-wall performances and penchant for unusual companions – you can expect big, bold stage performances – and chatter-inducing outfits.

“The fashion, certainly, is going to be another exploration and another level from where we were with [previous tour] the Fame Ball,” she says. “The theme of monsters is certainly going to be an influence, as well as the theme of evolution and change. It’s going to be a truly artistic experience that is going to take the form of the greatest post-apocalyptic house party that you’ve ever been to.”