Yuki Nishitzawa did the same dance during the birth of her first child


Yuki Nishitzawa opted for the power of dance over the magic of medicine for her special delivery.

During her un-medicated birth at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, the 36-year-old mother-to-be broke out the “Tootsee Roll” to help alleviate her labor pains, reports The Boston Globe.

Luckily, her husband, Connell Cloyd, caught her pre-baby boogie on camera, and now the YouTube clip of Nishitzawa’s ’90s dance skills has been viewed more than 4 million times.

This isn’t Nishitzawa’s first time turning her hospital room into a dance floor: she also broke out the moves while giving birth to her first child, now-2-year-old Yume. On the day Yume was born, Cloyd and Nishitzawa were dancing at a friend’s birthday.

“She was doing the ‘Tootsee Roll’ and dancing and having a good time. She started having contractions later. When we were in the delivery room, she’s like, Well, I’ll just dance,’ ” Cloyd recalls.

So when Nishitzawa went into labor this time around, she remembered how the dance to the 69 Boyz anthem helped her before. And yes, the fancy footwork worked again: At 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday, healthy baby boy Coji was born, weighing 6 lbs., 15 oz.

“I hope she inspires a lot of women to go natural and dance it on out,” says Cloyd.