Pregnant Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Belly Fine After Bike Run-In

The View co-host takes to Twitter after being hit – but unharmed – by a messenger

Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a run-in with a bike – and she survived to Tweet about it.

“All of a sudden I was walking,” the pregnant View co-host said on Wednesday’s show. “I turn around to just try and get a cab, and I get hit by a bike.”

Smiling, Hasselbeck, 31, reassured her co-hosts that she was unharmed by her collision with the “delivery bike,” and even joked about everything, saying, “this is the age we’re in. I text my husband ‘got hit by a bike’ and then tweeted ‘got hit by a bike’ just in case somebody found me passed out somewhere. And apparently somebody got their pizza or burger on time, because that guy was in a rush.”

In her post on Twitter, Hasselbeck wrote, “was hit by a bike today on a sidewalk … thankfully the belly is ok. wondering how many other new yorkers have had the same thing happen …” She later followed up with another message: “apparently, almost everyone in this city has been hit by a bike at some point. ONLY IN NYC!”

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