The baby is "growing and perfect," says the singer and new gameshow host
Credit: Dan Herrick/Getty

Carnie Wilson has fought a very public battle with her weight over the years, and the expectant mom insists pregnancy is no excuse to start raiding the cookie jar.

While she goes to great lengths to keep her nutrition up, she also knows she has to watch what she eats. “I don’t need to pick at Oreos or pick at muffins,” Wilson, who is due in June, tells PEOPLE. “I’ve put on 42 lbs. at [age] 40. I don’t have to gain any more weight. I put my foot down. The baby is growing, and she’s perfect.”

Wilson is also staying active, taking on hosting duties for a revival of The Newlywed Game on GSN, which premieres Monday, for which she taped 40 episodes during her pregnancy.

She admits it was “physically hard” being on her feet all day but says the baby, at least, was entertained. “There were a couple of times where I d ask a funny question and she would kick … and I’d let the audience in on what was going on.”

Already mom to Lola Sofia, born in April 2005, with husband Rob Bonfiglio (they’ve already named their unborn daughter Luciana), Wilson welcomed the distraction of a new project.

“I can’t think of anything better than talking to couples about their intimate lives, the things you really want to find out. The fact I got to ask those questions was a blast,” says Wilson of her latest gig. “There were definitely some contestants where you would know there was going to be a fight that would last three days.”

And yes, she says the old-fashioned euphemism “making whoopee” is still in effect. “I think whoopee is the way,” she says. “I think if you ‘make love’ that’s lovely when you’re at a seminar trying to get your feelings out, but for The Newlywed Game it’s got to be fun and playful.”