It's True! The Lottery Confirms That Tennessee Couple Are Indeed Big Winners After They Claimed They Won Part of the Powerball

The couple had made a stop on Today claiming they were the winners

Photo: AP

Confirmed: The Robinsons from Tennessee are officially Powerball winners.

The Tennessee Lottery confirmed on Friday that Lisa and John Robinson, of Munford, were indeed the owners of one of three winning tickets from Wednesday’s $1.6 billion Powerball drawing. Earlier in the day, the couple had traveled to New York City to make an appearance on the Today show, but admitted that they hadn’t officially claimed their winnings at the time. They then flew back to their home state to meet with lottery officials (alongside their adorable – and friendly – dog).

“Possible #Powerball jackpot winners are greeted at @TNLottery headquarters,” the Tennessee Lottery tweeted on Friday afternoon. “Soon we’ll know if they’re BIG winners!”

An hour later, the lottery confirmed that the Robinsons are indeed the legitimate winners, adding that this Powerball jackpot run resulted in $28.9 million raised for Tennessee education programs.

At the press conference on Friday, the Robinsons said, “We just wanted a little piece of the pie. Instead we got a big piece!”

The family posed with a check for $528 million, which they can take in annual installments or a lump sum.

As for what they’ll do with their money, Lisa said she plans on paying off her family’s student loans.

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