Powerball Grows to Record $675 Million After No One Won Last Night's Drawing

The jackpot rolled over to $675 million when no winner was drawn Wednesday night

Photo: Nati Harnik/AP

$675 million.

That’s what you stand to collect – pre-taxes, of course – if you hit the Powerball jackpot Saturday night. That prize will be the largest in U.S. history, according to Texas Lottery spokesperson Kelly Cripe.

Should you win, and opt for the lump-sum payout instead of the yearly annuity, your take-home will be $413.1 million. Again, that is the largest jackpot in Powerball history since a $564.1 million prize was split by players from North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico last February.

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Of course, if you want some gloriously sour grapes lottery stories, we’ve got those, too. And for the love of God, if you’re in line to buy a ticket, do not let someone go ahead of you. Or do; it really doesn’t matter.

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