The president-elect survives sans generators and gets in his workouts

When thunderstorms caused an island-wide blackout that knocked out power to Barack Obama’s $9 million vacation rental home, the First Vacationer took it in stride and simply called it an early night. The president-elect didn’t even use emergency generators offered by local authorities and the power company.

After 11 hours in darkness, Obama emerged Saturday morning and resumed his regular holiday routine, with a morning workout at a nearby Marine Corps base fitness center.

It was a typical day in a low-key vacation for the Obamas. The former Illinois senator hasn’t had any official public events, but has been saying “aloha” at makeshift photo ops at golf courses, shopping centers and tourist attractions.

He’s also grabbed shave ice with his daughters and been spotted eating Spam sushi or otherwise relaxing with his family.

The most reliable place for an Obama sighting has been the Semper Fit Center health club at Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay.

One recent morning, local real estate agent Linda Gray said she spotted Obama at the gym playing basketball and doing a cardio workout while holding a slip of paper she suspected was his workout plan.

“I think we are all proud to have him born and raised in Hawaii,” she said.

On Dec. 23, Obama took his family to a private memorial service for his maternal grandmother, Madelyn “Toot” Payne Dunham, who died two days before Election Day at age 86. There Dunham’s ashes were scattered at a seaside cliff known as Lanai Lookout. It was the same spot where Obama left flowers earlier this year in memory of his mother, who died in 1995.