With Steven Spielberg out of the race to bring Harry Potter to the screen, competition is now heating up over who will direct the movie version of J.K. Rowling’s runaway best-selling novel. (Actually, movies, as there is talk that the first two Harry episodes will be filmed back to back.) While screenwriter Steven Kloves is at work on a second draft of his script, the first draft was read over the weekend by about 10 top directors, reports Variety — which says that each of the filmmakers will participate in a sort of creative bake-off similar to the way Milos Forman made a group of leading men film their own Andy Kaufman screen tests for “Man on the Moon.” The directors include newcomers to the list — Peter Weir, Wolfgang Petersen and a few others — as well as the much-mentioned Rob Reiner, Jonathan Demme and Brad Silberling. Each will have to pitch his vision to Warner Bros. executives, as well as to “Harry” producer David Heyman.