Post-Rehab, David Duchovny Steps Out with Téa Leoni

The couple take in the Czech Street Festival Saturday in Manhattan

Photo: Ivana Kovarona

Fresh out of rehab for sex addiction, David Duchovny looked cozy with wife Téa Leoni when the pair stopped by the Czech Street Festival Saturday in Manhattan.

“They looked like normal people, just a husband and wife enjoying the festival,” a representative for the Czech Center New York told PEOPLE.

“They came in the early part of the day – around 11 or noon – visited the festival, bought some food and left,” said the source for the Czech Center, which organized the festival. “It looked like they might have walked through on a morning walk.”

The source added that the couple did not try to draw attention to themselves and politely posed for a photo when approached by festival volunteer Ivana Kovarova.

“I hesitated a little bit to ask because I didn’t want to bother them but his wife was just great and said, ‘Yes, of course. Why not?'” says Kovarova. “They were eating some Czech meal and sitting at a table. They looked like a normal family – they were just talking to each other and eating.”

Duchovny, 48, voluntarily entered a rehabilitation center to treat his sex addition in August, his lawyer Stanton “Larry” Stein told PEOPLE at the time.

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