Posh Spice Victoria Adams has lashed out at press reports that she has lost too much weight. British newspapers over the weekend said the singer, who last month wed soccer star David Beckham and who gave birth to their son four months ago, was “hollow-cheeked and desperately thin.” But Posh told the Sun: “I eat as much as anyone else. I’ve never been on any fitness regime. The only exercise I do is sit-ups, but the rest of the time I eat whatever I want.” Before going to bed, says Posh, she and the hubby do 200 sit-ups. “It was quite hard at first, but once I did it regularly it got better, and it does keep your stomach trim.”

  • In related news, the New York Post continues to punch actor Alec Baldwin in the waistline. It reports that the beefy actor has been told by his wife Kim Basinger that “enough is too much,” and that she “has put him on a strict diet-exercise regimen. The alarmingly large thespian (Alec) is restricted to fish and veggies and is running on the beach near their Hamptons home.”