Portia de Rossi 'Still' Not Ready for a Baby

The actress and her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, are in love – but not looking to start a family

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Portia de Rossi is a happy woman these days: She has a nice home, a wonderful wife – Ellen DeGeneres – and a big role on a new TV show, Better off Ted.

So what else is on her mind?

Not making babies, the Australian-born actress, 36, tells USA Today. “It’s the same thing every single year – that I am trying to get pregnant,” she says of rumors that she is planning to start a family with DeGeneres, 51, whom she wed last August at the couple’s Los Angeles home. “And I’m not. Maybe one day I’ll want to have kids, but it’s not something we’ve talked about recently.”

When de Rossi appeared on Ellen Monday, DeGeneres even joked, “So I hear we are having a baby.” De Rossi laughed and replied, “I probably should have told you before the tabloids told you.”

What the couple do talk about is what their life together will be once the cameras stop rolling, de Rossi says. Both happily employed for now, they fantasize about retiring far from Hollywood. “It’s our dream that we’ll end up in a sweet country town on a farm,” she says in the newspaper interview.

“I love horses and riding and love animals and Ellen loves animals,” she says. “It would be lovely for us. It’s what we’re going to do when we’re not working anymore.”

As for when that day will arrive, De Rossi doesn’t specify, but professional drive is not what it once was, she admits. “I went to law school for a year thinking I was going to do that for a living before I went into acting,” she says – a useful experience when it comes to playing a workaholic on Better Off Ted, which premieres Wednesday on ABC. “To think that could have been my life is pretty shocking to me.”

In fact, says de Rossi, work is no longer a top priority. “I’d rank my career as a good healthy third of my life,” she says. “It’s important, and without this third, I wouldn’t feel whole. But it is not important for me to be engaged in it 12 months a year.”

Which leaves plenty of time – here come those rumors again! – to start a family.

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