An auction house in Uruguay sold the iPad for $30,500 with the proceeds donated to a Catholic high school
Credit: Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters/Landov

Remember when Pope Francis referred to himself as "a dinosaur" who doesn’t know how to work a computer? Now he’ll no longer be able to practice on his iPad, since he has given it to charity.

On Tuesday, his tablet was sold by an auction house in Montevideo, Uruguay, for $30,500, according to TIME. The auction house is donating all proceeds to Liceo Francisco, a new Catholic high school in Paysandu, a city in western Uruguay.

“There is interest not only in our country,” Juan Castells, auctioneer, told Spanish news agency EFE. “Recently, we received calls from around the world. The buzz has been great.”

The Pope gave the device to Uruguayan priest Gonzalo Aemilius, who was visiting the Vatican. He ordered the priest to “do whatever he considered appropriate,” said Liceo Francisco principal Monica Olivelli in the EFE interview.

The priest decided to donate to the high school, which currently has 50 students from low-income families and is modeled after a school he runs.

Proceeds from the auction will be used to expand the facility and build a multi-sport center.

The device is engraved to read “Su Santidad Francisco” (“His Holiness Francis”) and “Vatican Internet Service,” with the date marked March 2013, the auction house told NDTV.