The pontiff also said he never surfs the Internet

By Drew Mackie
Updated May 26, 2015 12:10 AM
Franco Origlia/Getty

It’s an understatement to say that the pope lives differently than the rest of us, but a new interview with Pope Francis offers a rare peek into the many ways papal life is unique.

The head of the Roman Catholic Church sat down with Argentinian newspaper La Voz Del Pueblo, and among his more surprising admissions is that he hasn’t watched television since 1990, after promising the Virgin Mary he wouldn’t.

His reasoning for swearing off the medium is simply that it “is not for me,” the 78-year-old told the paper. He also explained that he never uses the Internet and relies on a member of the Swiss guard to find out if his hometown soccer team has won or lost.

When asked what he misses about his previous life, he gave two answers: freedom and pizza. “To go outside,” the pontiff said. “That much I long for – the tranquility of walking though the streets, or to go to a pizzeria to eat a good pizza.”

When the interviewer pointed out that he can request delivery to the Vatican, Pope Francis insisted, “But it is not the same.”

He also revealed that he reads a newspaper – Italy’s La Repubblica, and not the official Vatican City newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano – but only for 10 minutes at a time. “I leaf through,” he said.

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When asked if he ever dreamed about becoming the pope as a child, Francis said no. “Never, nor to be president or army general,” he said. “You saw that there are some kids who dream of that. I do not.”

The pontiff ended the interview by explaining how he’d like to be remembered: “As a good guy. They will say, ‘This was a good guy who tried to do good.’ “