Pope Francis Catches the Giggles After Meeting a Baby Pope During Parade in Philly

The pope commended one family's "sense of humor" after meeting their baby who was dressed in faux papal regalia in Philadelphia on Saturday


Forget Pope Francis – Pope Quinn is the new pontiff taking America by storm.

Daniel Madden and his wife Dana dressed up their baby daughter Quinn in faux papal regalia to attend the pope’s Saturday parade in Philadelphia – much to the religious leader’s delight.

In a video, shared by local news channel 6ABC Action News, baby Quinn is seen held into the air as Francis turned down the street in the popemobile.

The pontiff immediately spotted the baby, and appeared visibly amused by her getup. One of the papal security guards immediately swooped up Quinn and took her over to receive a kiss from the pontiff.

In the video, the guard can be heard telling the Maddens the pope commended their “great sense of humor.”

Pope Francis will end his six-day U.S. trip in the Pennsylvania city on Sunday.

His landmark visit included stops in both New York City and before that Washington D.C., with large parades and candid speeches covering things like climate change and reports of sexual abuse within the Catholic church.

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