Italian Man Hangs Up on Pope Francis Twice

Franco Rabuffi later apologized to the pontiff

Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

Pope Francis is back to his cold-calling habit.

But this time, people aren’t having it.

The Vatican’s paper, l’Osservatore Romano, reported that Pope Francis phoned one Franco Rabuffi on Monday to comfort him after hearing he was sick.

Rabuffi, apparently thinking he was on the butt end of some kind of prank, promptly hung up on the pontiff.

Then he did it again, when Francis called back a second time. It was only on Francis’s third attempt that Rabuffi finally believed him.

“I was speechless but Francis came to my rescue, saying that what had happened was funny,” Rabuffi told l’Osservatore Romano.

On Wednesday, Rabuffi and his wife appeared at the Vatican for the Cool Pope’s general audience – and apologized.

We bet Francis was totally chill about it, and then had some spaghetti.

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