The Republican front-runner joined the thousands to welcome the people's Pontiff for the first time in New York City
Credit: Getty

Thousands of Big Apple natives crowded the streets to get a glimpse of Pope Francis – including The Donald.

On Wednesday, the people’s Pontiff made his entrance to New York City riding in the popemobile (with protective glass removed) after making his historic speech at Capitol Hill and spending days in Washington with President Barack Obama.

Among the welcoming party was Donald Trump, who waved from Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue joined by son Eric.

Soon after, the 69-year-old Republican front-runner took to the streets addressing the crowds by waving his arms in the air with a beaming grin on his face.

Trump wasn’t able to meet Pope Francis in person but he will have a better than likely chance to meet another celebrity foreigner, Russian President Vladimir Putin, later this month.

Pope Francis was escorted by a motorcade of Secret Service and police to St Patrick’s Cathedral where he dedicated his sermon to the families of Muslim pilgrims killed in a stampede during Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia the same day.

Following his appearance, he forgoed lunch with politicians to break bread with the homeless. He concluded his day by getting driven to his temporary residence at the Vatican Mission to the United Nations on East 72nd Street.

Among the many scheduled N.Y.C. visitations, the holiness’ road trip includes stops to the United Nations, Ground Zero, Central Park and Madison Square Garden.