Pope Francis to Non-Believers: If You Don't Pray, Send Me Good Vibrations!

The head of the Catholic Church says he hopes those who don't believe still wish him well

Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty

Pope Francis hopes people wish him well, no matter what they believe.

The head of the Catholic Church often asks people to pray for him, but he offered an alternative on Sunday, “Pray for me, and if some of you can’t pray because you are not believers, send me good vibrations,” Reuters reported.

The pope, 78, was meeting with Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernéndez de Kirchner, at the Vatican and spoke to reporters in Spanish, but his alternative to prayer has now been translated and shared in many languages around the world.

President Fernéndez de Kirchner told reporters her meeting with the pope was “a very warm encounter”; they spoke about regional issues and world peace.

And while the pontiff hasn’t watched television in 15 years, he seems to have been listening to The Beach Boys lately.

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