January 20, 2014 10:00 AM

Yes, that headline is correct. The world’s largest vinyl record is now spinning on top of L.A.’s Forum, and it’s the Eagles‘ “Hotel California.”

The Eagles are in the middle of a six-show run at the recently re-opened Forum, and to commemorate the event, New York-based marketing and production firm Pop2Life built a 407-foot-diameter disc (weighing about 25 tons) over the course of just 10 days and mounted it on top of the Forum. It spins at 17 miles per hour and is visible to passengers arriving at LAX, much like the wreckage flying from Joe Walsh‘s hotel rooms in the 1970s.

Now we just need a Godzilla-sized robotic DJ to spin this and “Life in the Fast Lane,” and we’ll be all set.

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