The boy with the bow ties is out after Trump tires of his mistakes in renovating a house

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated November 05, 2004 07:00 AM

It’s goodbye to Raj Bhakta, the bow-tied fellow with the womanizing ways, after the teams on Thursday night’s edition of NBC’s The Apprentice 2 vied to renovate and boost the value of a house on New York’s Long Island.

Each team received $20,000 and only a few days to undertake the task before professional appraisers assessed the value of their refurbishment. But before they did, the contestants were joined by a quartet of formerly fired players who were returning for this episode only.

Rob and Jennifer C. became part of Mosaic, while Bradford and Stacie J. hooked up with Apex. Their reunion was marked by a chilly reception from those still standing.

And so the groups went to work. Apex, under project manager Raj (a 28-year-old real-estate developer from Philadelphia), visited their shambles of a house. Their top priority, as determined by Raj, was to add a bathroom to the second floor and convert two small bedrooms into one large one. Kevin and Jennifer M. deemed the decisions a mistake.

Mosaic project manager Sandy took a more judicious approach to her role, realizing that real estate is close to the heart of developer Donald Trump. Mosaic added a small bathroom to the upstairs of their house.

In the end, Apex increased the value of their house by 7.14 percent, while Mosaic’s went up 10.26 percent. As a reward, Mosaic flew, via helicopter, to a beach house in the Hamptons to sample the good life.

Back in the boardroom, Trump told Raj: “I think you made a lot of mistakes.”

Raj snapped back: “I admit I made a lot of mistakes …”

Trump replied: “Raj, you’re fired.”