POLL: Who's Best for Jon Gosselin

Three ladies in just as many weeks – what's your favorite match?

Photo: David Livingston/Getty; INF(3)

They’re less than friendly since splitting last month, but Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin are working together “for the kids.” This basically means caring alternately for their large brood of eight at their mansion in Pennsylvania. When not fulfilling his daddy duties, Jon’s been on a world tour of wining and dining new women. The 32-year-old whisked 22-year-old Hailey Glassman to Saint Tropez, and days later stepped out with 26-year-old Kate Major on New York’s Upper East Side and in the tony Hamptons.

From solid family man to single and loving it in less than a month, Jon is living up his bachelorhood. But, even though she’s been criticized for being overbearing, Kate did have things under control. Now his type is trending younger, with “party girl” reputations (for Glassman) and stints in rehab (for Major, who lost her job due to the blossoming relationship). Tell us what you think:

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